Workplace Reliability Partner

Bio: Prior to specializing in Workplace Reliability and Organizational Development, Mike’s first formal work experience included work at a “standards-setting” corporate McDonald’s restaurant - yep, he was a master burger flipper! He followed-up with two tours in the US Navy. At the time, he never would have guessed that these two occupations would later play a vital role in his life. After serving 8 years in the Navy that included flight-deck operations, Mike returned to his hometown where he attended Indiana University in pursuit of a business degree while also working full-time for United Technologies Elevator Division. There, he became an Electronics Journeyman and worked in technical support positions. Still fresh from the Navy, Mike was put to the test in 1988 when he played a lead role in helping to implement “Japanese” manufacturing methods. There he was working in the heart of the midwest manufacturing belt within a strong union environment. Mike's diverse travels and Navy trained technical skills set him apart. He worked to help cut-through the cultural and union noise and bring workplace efficiency improvements into the plant. He helped implement quality circles and cellular manufacturing workflow. He observed how change impacts people and workflow. He later learned how to get ahead of the negative consequences associated with change. Over the years, Mike has taken note of the attitudes, strengths, and weaknesses of employees in companies that have coherent systems and strong foundations to those companies that do not. He noticed that workers in the controlled and well-managed settings worked with purpose, confidence, and motivation while workers in the lesser-controlled environment had a victim mindset. Mike's early jobs gave him first-hand experience and learning that etched into his mind a clarity about what a good work setting contains and more importantly the work it takes to build and keep it. Through his company Workplace Reliability Inc., Mike works with increased responsibility overseeing and implementing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) initiatives at both discrete and process manufacturing sites. Mike honed his Process Engineering Skills working as a member of HSBRT (Hartford Steam Boiler Reliability Technologies) engineering teams at client sites. These teams were comprised of some of the industry’s top national and international engineering personnel.

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